FASHION PRODUCTION & Editorial Company

ANASTASIA Fashion Production Company is an international production and Editorial Company originally from NYC. The company has branchs in California, Florida, NYC and in Europe. The Company provides high quality advertisement and production service for emerging and established brands and helps to connect fashion industry professionals from all over the US and from abroad.

ANASTASIA li, The CEO/ Producer of the Company

Anastasia Li is CEO of the company.

Anastasia is a  professional fashion model, actress, runway coach, Miss New York US Nation 2019 titleholder, journalist, writer and  a certified philosopher.

Media Partners & Media Friends:

Jany Magazine, 5sur5tv, Wow Creations and LA Talk Radio, Italian Journalist, Cristina Palesi,

Gown & Out In Beverly Hills Award Winning Fashion Show;

Italian Lifestyle Wondernet Magazine;

Italian -American Media resourses:

Influencer Style Magazine and Wawesandrunways

European Magazine and Media Portals such as Eurasia & Le Boheme Magazine; NUE/ DC Verginia Magazine;

XoXo Magazine and many others.  

Partners & Friends:

famous celebrity Fashion influencers:  Eila Mell, the Author of he Project Runway, the celebrity designers,  Pol' Atteu, the former stylist of Anna Nicole Smith, the Oskar Awards' Designers Pamela Quinzi, and many others.

Audience, Clients & Friends:  

-fashion influencers ( we work with the top fashion influencers and critics,including Elia Mell, the author of the "Project Runway");

-celebrities, including A-list Hollywood actors, as we work with the Oscar Award Designers;



-beauty sphere workers;



-bloggers & media representatives;

and others.

FASHION Tour Dates: Anastasia Las Vegas Fashion Week, December 18th 2022; Anastasia NYFW February 14th/15th 2023; Anastasia LAFW March 24th 2023; Anastasia Miami Swim Week/ Fashion Week July 9th 2023se this space to add more details about your site, a customer quote,bout important news.

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